Longest bicycle – Guinness World Records!


The Longest Bicycle Earned Place in Guinness World Records!

On the first mention of the Netherlands and Amsterdam, most will probably think of a place where Marijuana has been legal for years, and “weed tourism” has been blooming. Aside from the famous red light districts Holland is also famous as one of the best countries to ride a bicycle in. Amsterdam alone has about 250 000 designated bike racks and about 315 miles of designated bike paths.
After these facts there is little wonder that in the next video of the longest bicycle in the world comes to us from the Dutch.
Measuring 117 feet and 5 inches this bicycle was made by Mijl Van Mares Werkploeg out of aluminum scaffolding with the guy steering the vehicle sitting in the front, and the “pedal guy” providing power from about 110 feet in the back. Watch the video and see the new Guinness World Record holder bike be built and assembled.

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