Freightliner vs. Road Blocker, Guess who Wins!?

Freightliner vs. Road Blocker

Freightliner vs Automated Barricade, Guess who Wins?

We have all seen the barriers whose job is to deny access to restricted areas. Some of us have even thought, well that’s not going to stop much. To those, this barrier says: “Thou Shall Not Pass”. On this video we have a flat bed truck loaded with some barrels to act as regular cargo. The truck is sped up to 50 miles an hour and crashed straight into the ASTM F2656, M50, or the automated road block for short.
After the amazing crash, probably the even more amazing thing is that the road block actually is still able not just to retract, but there but it just shrugs off the truck parts from itself and is ready to be deployed again and it’s fully functional.
Check out the unbelievable sturdiness of the ASTM F2656, M50, automated road block.

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