UNBOXING Ford Police Interceptor – Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know!


This Ford Police Interceptor Utility Is Way More Than Your Typical Cop Car!

As the criminals get better and better equipped and learn new tactics on how to beat the police at the cat and mouse game, so does the police equipment evolve with each new generation. Today we are bringing you a video of the latest in crime fighting technology, the Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicle. This Ford Explorer based vehicle ha underwent a huge procedure in order to be turned into one of the most capable mobile headquarters vehicles that is intended to be used by the shift supervisor with a few small limitations. The biggest one is that it is not capable of hauling criminals to jail since the back seat is the place where the AR-15 rifle sits at the ready in case the officers need more firepower. Check out the video and see what this police department decided to spent your taxpayer money on, and see if it’s money well spent.


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