Tank Rolls Over A Bomb!

Tank rolls over a bomb!

Back in the year 1980, the main battle tank for the US military was the M60 but with the cold war at its peak, the US knew that they needed a new player on the battlefield in order to compete with the sophisticated Russian main battle tanks.
Their response was the legendary M1 Abrams Battle Tank which ever since then has been one of the best weapons in the US armament.
Over the years this machine powered by an astonishingly clever design multifuel turbine engine has received all sorts of upgrades like the latest in composite armor, a blowout compartment which made sure that crew safety reaches the highest standards in the field, and an ammunition storage which is kept separate to once again make sure that the crew survives any kind of attack.
The result is a very sophisticated 62 ton battle vehicle which is capable of handling all sorts of attack, which in this video gave the crew so much confidence that they just roll it over an IED.
Thanks to all the afore mentioned technology, there is not even a scratch on anyone inside this beast, check it out.

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