Terrible crash in Belgium, and one “lucky to be alive” girl!

Terrible crash in Belgium

One of the luckiest girls ever (and we don’t mean she married a billionaire)
The video is made by the dash-cam of a truck that is just passing the exit to Aalter on the Ghent – Bruges, highway.
Apparently Jasmien Claeys (25) realized that she is going to miss the exit and decided to cut across three lanes to get to the exit. How unwise this is she will soon find out. After reaching the lane with the DHL truck in it, she does not wait to get a better view of what is going on in the right lane just flies into it. Unlucky for her there is another semi truck parked in that lane. After hitting the parked vehicle, the semi with the dash-cam hits her and runs over what’s left of the Ford Focus.
Apparently her guardian angel was wide awake those moments after being taken in hospital in critical condition (2 broken cervical vertebras in her neck) and managed to help her survive this terrible crash. She was in a coma for a while, but got out of it and has recovered exceptionally well.
After the recovery she has reportedly watched the video a few times, probably just to realize how exceptionally fortunate she is.

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