The Amazing Conversion Of The New 2016 Plymouth Superbird


The Amazing Conversion Of The New 2016 Plymouth Superbird!

Rarely has a good looking and good performing car been cheap. Through history there have been only a few cars that check all three boxes. The 2016 Plymuth Superbird does not check all of them either. It might look good, and we are sure it will perform great but the hefty $ 58.500 price tag will be a burden to the retailers. There are many items on the vehicle like LED rear lights, and turn signals that will be cool looking but probably not as cool as that huge fiberglass wing on top of the trunk.
Amongst the additional accessories there is talk of Magnuson Superchagers, chassis braces, coil-over suspension and even a supposed option of a single or double turbo charger. The release date is to be this month so let’s see how much of that will end up being fitted to the production model.

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