What You Never Knew About TV’s Most Iconic Cars!

Amazing Facts You Probably Never Knew About These 5 Most Iconic Cars!

Many of the car enthusiasts we know have their head filed with information that would only make sense to another car enthusiast since we don’t honestly remember picking a girl up at the bar with the talk about the firing order on a certain engine, or the type of carburetors it uses.
So, in all fairness these facts that we are about to show you about the cars on TV are not to be written down and used as pickup lines, these are facts that you need to keep for yourself and only share them with other enthusiast in order not to be stared at with a weird look.
Some of them will be entertaining to a movie freak as well you can tell them the amazing fact for example that the General Lee was actually launched in the air for more than 150 times while making the series and at time they were destroying cars so often that they had a mechanic crew on the set at all times swapping parts between the vehicles so they can survive another jump, a total of 300 hundred cars died in order to complete all the awesome stunts that were performed. Play the video and see all the cool facts about cars on the screen.

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