Give your Tires a Deep, Black Shine that Lasts a Year Long!


How to give your tires a deep, shiny black look that lasts for one year!
In the following video we will see one life hack that will show you how to get the shine on the tire in the cheapest way possible. He does that with the Turtle Wax Jet Black Endura-Shine Tire Coat Kit, which make your tires look wet like you have just washed the car.
After the application of this wax, he gives an every month detail of the tire shine.

August- the tire still looks wet
September- the tire still looks wet
October- the tire still looks wet, but it is about 90% as shiny as it was when it was first applied
November- still at 90% and looking good surprisingly
December- at about 85% and I just went off-roading again with the tires spinning in mud!
January- it dulled a lot and is at about 50%, but the tire still looks “clean” just not as shiny
February- you can still see it but, it is not really shiny anymore
March- it is still on there, but, I really need to add another coat because it is pretty dull (but looks good when cleaned)
April- pretty much no evidence of the tire shine anymore
May- pretty much no evidence of the tire shine anymore

Check out the video here to see how to get a wet look for almost one year. Enjoy!
You can buy the Turtle Wax Jet Black on

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