Comcast Workers Park Their Trucks On Snowy Street And Set Up ‘Work Zone’ – Carnage Ensues!

Comcast Workers Park Their Trucks On Snowy Street And Set Up ‘Work Zone’ – Carnage Ensues.

Winter driving is always tricky if you live in the northern parts of the state, since ice and snow reduce grip greatly so regulars stops can become a nightmare with vehicles sliding all over the place.
In this video, it looks like cars have a mind of their own once people try to slow down, and the fact that there are two Comcast vehicles parked in the middle of the road, is seriously not helping the situation at all.
Now in all fairness the guy from the second Comcast vehicle tells the guy who is arguing about safety that they need to have a cone out for every 10 mph, and this being a 40mph zone and them having 5 cones automatically gets them off the hook, but since this location is downhill and the weather conditions are so terrible, maybe they could have put a few more cones on the top of the hill, or at least get somebody to flag the vehicles down and warn them about the upcoming danger.
After the few first crashes, maybe people are trying to warn each other but the cars keep piling up and the danger never ends. However, there are many other vehicles that were doing the speed limit and were able to stop in time, so that proves that maybe the drivers that went off the road were to blame for this.
Watch the video and tell us what you think, were the Comcast guys to blame, or just another video where drivers are not adjusting their speed to the current road condition?

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