Winter And Summer Tires Are Much More Different Than You Think!

Winter And Summer Tires Are Much More Different Than You Think!
Do you live in the parts of the country where you actually get snow and a real winter with temperatures dipping below freezing? Where if the answer is yes, then this next video is for you and we advise you to take a good look at it since you might be endangering yourself and other motorist due to improper tire choice.
While many drivers think that winter tires are only for the areas that get a lot of snowfall during the winter, if we dig a bit deeper into the subject, we learn that winter tires are much better on low temperatures as well and are not made exclusively for better grip in the snow.
As you will learn in the video the materials that the tire is made of are very different between the two sets of tires, and neither one of them is suitable for nonstop driving during the entire year, like the all-season tires. The best choice would appear to just use the all-season tire for the entire time, but there is a problem with that one, since all season tires wear off much faster when the temperature gets close to freezing.
The thread design is totally different between the summer and winter tires as well, since while the summer tire is trying to provide more contact surface, the winter tire has more breaks in the surface in order to “pinch” the snow and ice and get all the grip you can from the bad road conditions.
So, play the video and find you what are the major differences between the two-different compound and different thread tires, in order to make an informed decision, next time you are buying tires.

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