DON’T Stand Behind a Modified Car!


DON’T Stand Behind a Modified Car!
Were not just gonna jump in the middle of this one we will actually explain the science behind this video.
Turbo lag is the time that it takes a turbo charger to spin up and start creating boost and since these things spin at more than 200 000 revolutions per minute, and in racing every tenth of a second counts, these cars are usually equipped with a Anti Lag system.
This system keeps the turbine spinning by changing the ignition timing and injecting fuel into the exhaust manifold which in turn makes the car shoot flames out of the exhaust.
From racing, this trend has gotten onto the streets, since turbo charged cars that have the Anti-Lag system installed are able to launch with the turbocharger producing maximum boost from the launch and not lose any of it during gearshifts.
Here is a video of cars using this system on the streets with nearly causing “pants on fire” effects in some instances, enjoy.

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