How NOT To Drag Race On A Motorcycle!!!

This is a really good example of how not to start a drag race with your motorcycle, especially if you aim to finish the race successfully.

Yes, indeed, this video falls into the category of those you’d really like to see – funny videos. If you’re seeking to learn how to drag race on your bike, it’s best to seek advice from experienced drag racers, such as Rickey Gadson.

Rickey Gadson, a former factory-backed Kawasaki drag racer, was raised in the world of motorcycle street racing. He’s been working on optimizing the new Kawasaki ZX10R, a 207-horsepower bike, for achieving a low ET and top speed without experiencing a wheelie. He’ll tell you that it’s far more challenging than you might imagine; it takes years of practice before you should even consider racing it.

However, the individual in this video likely believes he knows how to handle it, though we aren’t certain.