How to Buy a Girl a Car – Farm Girl Gets a Corvette!

How to buy a girl a car. Farm Girl Gets a Corvette. A 1988 red vette with low miles!

Let’s face it, men cannot think straight when a girl in a bikini is talking to us and that should be the whole point of this video, namely, we have Farm Girl on one side, wearing bikini, and Exoman on the other.
The bikini wearing female decides that she needs a 1988 red Corvette, and in all honesty, is there anything else that Exoman can do about it? He can sit there and she can make the case of how the vette is going to be safer to get into traffic and all, but we all know, as soon as she put that bikini on, her argument was made.
Nevertheless, check out the video and tell us what you think, should she get the vette or should have he put his foot down and said no way!

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