lawnmower Pull Gone Bad!


Lawnmower tug of war went wrong – twice!
We all know that the tug of war game can be quite fun and competitive, and for the most part leaves one of the group of opponents on the ground, but people have been evolving their skills, and by evolving we mean started using machines to do the pulling for them, and this is one of the funniest we have seen in a while.
You would expect that the mechanized war would include big trucks or tractors but this time, in this episode of “hold my beer” we have two lawn mowers that are totally ill equipped for the requirements of the game, since their purpose is to cut grass, and not pull an opponent.
Either way this promises to be a fun video so we will not spoil it and tell you what happens, we will tell you that there are a lot of laughs for the whole neighborhood and possibly a minor bruise, mostly in the ego area.

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