Man on 207-mph bicycle humiliates Ferrari at dragstrip


Man on 207 MPH Bicycle wins over a Ferrari at the dragstrip!
What do you think, which is the more amazing between: Switzerland’s Francois Gissy that leaves the Ferrari 430 Scuderia still on the dragstrip while he recorded 3.1 gs of inline acceleration and reaching a top speed of 207 MPH, or that he did all that on a Bicycle? Yes, a bicycle that features a rocket engine supplying 944 pounds or 4.2 kN of thrust.
He hit 207 MPH with the bicycle in just 4.8 seconds at 300 meters of the run. His ¼ mile time was 6.8 seconds. Well, he could turn the 23 day Tour de France into one great afternoon of rocket-propelled insanity. We must say that the record run was a solo. Everybody there laughed to the Ferrari. Check out this crazy situation in the following video to see his monster bicycle. Enjoy!

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