2018 Buick Firebird & Trans Am – 2 Legends Return!

2018 Buick Firebird & Trans Am – 2 Legends Return !!

The experts agree that for 2018 Buick Pontiac Firebird and a Trans Am will take the GM brand to new heights and make sure that these two models which have an iconic status as a classic car, will attract a huge number of young buyers, as well as some older true Trans Am fans.
In the search for profit margins and good sales numbers, the car manufacturers sometimes star producing nothing but reasonable quality reasonable priced vehicles for reasonable consumers, but they seem to forget the unreasonable things that real gearheads love.
Huge horsepower, that provide instantaneous demise to the tire thread, while at the same time eradicating vast amounts of gasoline might not be the most reasonable thing for a car manufacturer, but for a car lover is the something to be desired.
While many of us expected the return of this amazing legendary muscle car, it seems that the leadership of GM has been too focused on their profit and forgot to listen to their real audience, but is all that about to change, well it looks like it is.
Hopefully this time our prayers will be heard and we will be staring at a brand new muscle car in 2018, and in the meantime, watch the video bellow and get more information about this.

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