Camaro Comes Out Of The Barn After 21 Years And It Still Runs!


Camaro Comes Out For The First Time After 21 Years And It Still Runs – UNBELIEVEABLE

Could this actually be true? Now we all know that old muscle cars are literally bulletproof and there are not too many things that can hurt them, especially not time, since the more time passes the more sought after they become.
But this might be too much even for an old Camaro, since according to the video this vehicle has not seen the light of day for 21 years, and all of a sudden it gets dragged out the barn and according to the makers of the video just started right up?

How is that possible, since we all know that after a timeframe that long, most of the rubber parts will deteriorate and this should cause leaks all over the place.
Well who are we to judge, we will leave that to you, so play the video and tell us, do you think this beast started right up or was there foul play involved in naming this video?

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