COMPLETE VIDEO GUIDE: The Difference Between SMALL Block And BIG BLOCK V8 Engines!


Big Block and Small Block what’s the difference!

You would probably think that the names of these engines are pretty self-explanatory and there is really no need to make a video about this let along having somebody explain what we area seeing on the screen. But you’d be wrong, since the matter is not actually that simple. It is not always that the big block has more power. Also the actual big block was an engine that was popular in the golden era of muscle cars, during the 50’s and the 60’s and this is why even today you still hear about this hefty engine.
In order to learn all the differences between these two, like how the small block has inline valves, and the V6 is nothing more than a cut small block V8 etc. watch the video, since we are sure this guy knows what he is talking about and we can all learn new stuff about America’s famous V8 engines.

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