Drunk Driver Vs Traffic Police – Everything Is Possible In Russia!

Everything Is Possible In Russia –

Everything Is Possible In Russia – Drunk Driver Vs Traffic Police!

Once again we bring you a video from Russia, and believe it or not, it includes a drunk guy and cops. Apparently Russia’s most famous product Vodka, turns you in to an Bruce Lee and you just do not want cops preventing you in showing of what you learned from the movie Karate Kid. Maybe even more amazing is that unlike in the US nobody has shot him by now at least with a tazer but no, the Russian police are so relaxed some of them are still smoking and laughing at him. But the Vodka is strong with this one, so he tries to attack one of the cops and then runs like a little girl before he gets his ass kicked. Watch the video and answer the age old question. Why do drunk people always scream and yell when they realize going to jail is inevitable?

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