Extreme metal work, forging a knife from cable!


Apart from the large steel mills or some other metal working factory, the blacksmith artisanship has been decreasing and the main reason is the advancement of technology, most of us go to home depo or any other store in a need for a metal product since a hand made one is a lot more expensive.
However, on the internet at least, it looks like some folks are still respecting and keeping this artisanship alive and do their best to pass the knowledge on in order for others to be bitten by the bug of metallurgy and steelwork.
In today’s video a gentleman will show you how to make a knife out of cable, and according to the video is quite simple, all it needs is some close to melting heat and a few hammers and away you go, keep slamming that piece of metal and keep twisting it.
Check out the video and who knows, maybe you are the next blacksmith in your area.

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