Watch What Happens When A Cop Runs A Red Light


Do you know what happens when a cop car runs a red light?
In the video here we will show you how one policeman runs through a red light and smashes into one of the cars on the street.
We have seen many videos where the policemen are turning on the emergency lights, run through an intersection, and after passing the intersection they are turning them off. Do you think that they are their power when they have an emergency, or just don’t like to wait? Here, probably is the latter.
The St. Paul, Minnesota police officer, after hitting the car and assuring that the driver of the car was alright, he knew that he was wrong, according to the comment by the person who posted this video. The woman that was in the other car said that they have insurance, and the police officer said that was all his fault.
Do you think that this cop would face the consequences of this accident? The answer is yes. Sergeant Paul Paulos from the St. Paul Police Department in Minnesota said that the cop was issued a citation because he run a red light. Unfortunately, he didn’t tell us the name of the police officer, but some additional punishments may be forthcoming. The police officer didn’t turn his light on like for an emergency, he just felt like going through it.
In 2012, according to NHTSA, 83 people were killed in accidents where the police vehicles were involved, and just 35 of those 84 people were by police cars in emergency use at the time of the accident.

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