Hand Made “Flying Millyard” 5L V-Twin Engine Test Run!


Hand Made “Flying Millyard” 5L V-Twin Engine Test Run!
Rebuilding an engine is not an easy task and you have to know your way around the garage to do it, but building one is a whole different skill level that not too many people possess.
Today we would like you to meet Allen Millyard, a guy who has the technical know how good enough to take two humongous Pratt & Whitney R1340 aircraft engine cylinders and turn them into a 5 liter V-Twin.
This guy fabricated all of the necessary parts in order to make this engine work like the aluminum made crankcase crankshaft and the rest of the internals.
The air and fuel mixture inside the cylinders are ignited by not one but two sparks and the actual ignition can be adjusted manually.
Watch the video of this extreme engine and hear it roar to life for the first time.

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