Mad Max Power Wheels Are Here


The Mad Max Power Wheels are finally here!
We present you the Mad Max Power Wheels that look really amazing. These wheels are really awesome for none special reason, but it has included mounted gun, working firearm, fumes funnels, front smashing metal part, all kinds of weapons, and many more. Here we have three Desert Drifters who were part of the Mad Max movie. Mad Max is a movie about a man in the desert who try to survive the post apocalyptic time. We know that Mad Max: Fury will be a big hit, and this Mad Max Power Wheels looks very similar to those in the movie. You or your kid can become Master Blaster ATV, Fury Roadster, and the Rage Rover driver. Watch the following video to see the presentation by Nerdist.
But, unfortunately these wheels are not available for sale. But this fake commercial looks really amazing and these kids are great as the Mad Max and his team.
Share this video with your kids or some other’s kids and pull a prank on them telling that you will buy these tires for them.

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