Will Bulletproof Glass Stop A .50 Cal?

Once again, the famous YouTube channel FullMag is testing some awesome firepower against an accidental, or this time rather purposeful nemesis, a bulletproof glass, and instead of just a small firearm like a pistol in this video they are bringing the big guns, literally.
They decide to take aim at the glass that is designed to save your life or prevent injury from firearms, the bulletproof glass, but will it stand to the test of a huge caliber round like the .50cal fired by one of the most frightening sniper rifles out there, the Barrett?
To make matters worse for the bulletproof glass, the guy shoots it with a pistol, which apparently won’t go thru but it will weaken the structural integrity of the glass itself.
In all fairness, the test has been affected by the fact that the piece of bulletproof glass was not mounted securely like it should have to mimic a vehicle windshield, but nevertheless the results are pretty spectacular so play the video and enjoy some destruction.

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