Meet The Most Technologically Advanced Towing System For Hauling 5th Wheel


Meet The Most Technologically Advanced Towing System For Hauling 5th Wheel!
We cannot just start explaining this advanced towing system for hauling a fifth wheel before we try to explain the basics of the principles behind the fifth wheel trailers. The fifth wheel hitch is basically the primary link between the tractor (truck) and the trailer itself. Day by day, more and more regular drivers hitch up fifth wheels without being a professional Big Rig driver.
If you connect this kind of trailer directly to a regular truck, the weight of the trailer will press down on the rear axle, thus causing the front wheels to lift of the ground and have less weight on them then they are supposed to. This will result in less grip, which might affect steering braking and all around stability of the front axle. On the opposite side, the rear will have a huge amount of weight on it causing wear and tear on the rear suspension and it even might be a reason for some breakage. In order to prevent this, drivers use a fifth-wheel hitch.
After this brief initiation we believe it’s time to present you with Tow All, probably the most advanced way for hauling fifth-wheel. By improving the grip this system alone can increase the stability and braking power by more than 50 percent. By taking the weight off the trailer this system allows for smaller towing capacity vehicles to handle heavier loads. With an easy setup height adjustment that lets you adjust between 8 and 36 inches of height in under two minutes, and hitching in less than five, this is the perfect fifth-wheel helper.
To see all the technical stuff around the product, watch the video and yes, Tow All has been voiced over, and not in a professional manner.

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