MODDED Honda Ultimate Fail – Wheel Falls Completely Off!!


MODDED Honda Ultimate Fail – Wheel Falls Completely Off !!

We have warned people numerous times about this, do not mess with your car unless you know what you are doing. Apparently the guy that was “working” on this Honda Civic did not know what he is doing and even less how he is doing it. If by any chance this guy calls himself a mechanic, you can start calling yourselves rocket scientists. We can sit here and crack jokes about how this happened since that lug nut needs more torque to unscrew than the engine has, or how maybe the car had so much power that it broke the lugs off, but either way it all comes down to the same deal. Does not mess with stuff you know very little about, or else you will end up in the middle of the street sitting on three wheels watching the fourth one continue on its way. We thank the dash cam guy for being there in the right time at the right place for us to enjoy this automotive fail.

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