Ten Military Vehicles with Insanely Torquey Engines!


Ten Military Vehicles with Insanely Torquey Engines!

Whichever vehicle you pick, it is bound to have more than 1000 lb.-ft. of torque.

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IAV Stryker 1028 lb.-ft.
With a “blistering” high speed of 60 mph the Stryker comes at you by the power of a Caterpillar C7 engine rolling on 8 wheels instead of tracks like most armored personnel carriers.
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AAV-P7/A1 – 1127 lb.-ft.
Out of the water powered by a Cummins VTA-525 producing 1127 lb.-ft. of torque swims out the AAV, or Amphibious Assault Vehicle used mostly by the Marines in order to get to their objective (not their favorite beach) from the ship to the shore.
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RG-33 – 1200 lb.-ft.
The best way to drive thru a mine infested field or a IED (improvised explosive devices) riddled city while protecting the soldiers is to have a vehicle that is armored with a thick layer of steel and designed to divert the blast. This however is not the recipe for a light vehicle so in order to put a move on in a hairy situation the RG-33 is powered by a Cummings 400 Turbodiesel capable to twist the crankshaft with a 1200 lb.-ft. force.
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International MaxxPro Dash – 1250 lb.-ft.
Pretty much ripping a page from the construction book of the RG-33, this International MaxxPro is also capable to explosive attacks although the engine in this one is a MaxxForce D9.3I6 that beats the RG by 50 lb.-ft. making 1250 lb.-ft. of torque.
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Bradley Fighting Vehicle – 1423 lb.-ft.

Proudly named after the famous (or infamous if you were a nazi soldier back then) World War II General Omar Bradley this fighting vehicle has the dual purpose of being an armored personnel carrier as well as a real tank fighter. In order to outmaneuver the tanks this middle weight fighter packs a Cummins VTA-903T power plant providing 1423 lb.-ft. of torque.
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M60 AVLB – 1575 lb.-ft.
The next one on the list has been bridging the gaps between armies for about 45 years now and it comes in the form of a M60 AVLB. Based on a tank chassis this drivable bridge costs $ 750 000 and it moves by the power provided by the General Dynamics AVDS-1790-2DR V12 turbodiesel capable of producing 1575 lb.-ft. of torque.
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M109 Howitzer – 1738 lb.-ft.
Most people will see a tank on this picture and they would actually be wrong about what they see, or just not too military savvy. The M109 is actually an artillery canon that can move under its own power. Speaking softly and carrying a big stick is the moto of this 155-mm cannon wielding weapon that moves by the 1738 lb.-ft. torque of a Detroit Diesel 8V71T.


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M9 ACE – 2362 lb.-ft.
Looking like a bulldozer that just ran away from the set of Mad Max, this machine built for moving earth along in a combat zone has a thick armor and is called the M9. The twist that is provided by the Cummins V903C tips the measuring device at 2362 lb.-ft. which makes it virtually unstoppable.
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M88A2 Hercules – 2500 lb.-ft.
Named after the Greek hero which was son of Zeus known for his strength this M88A2 Hercules is the child of a tank and a tow truck. Designed to get other heavily armored fighters out of the ditch this thing has the torque of 2500 lb.-ft. provided by Continental AVDS-1790-8CR.
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M1 Abrams – 2750 lb.-ft.
The Top Gun on the ground for the American military the M1 Abrams main battle tank has been in service since 1980 and has not been replaced since, one of his main features is the gas turbine engine called the Honeywell AGT1500C that produces an incredible amount of torque peaking at 2750 lb.-ft.

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