The 2015 Pontiac GTO Has A Look Based On A 1979 Model


It is announced the return of the awesome 2015 Pontiac GTO. This vehicle will for sure be used as a model for some variants in the following years. This 2015 model has a similar look like the model from 1979, but there are many upgrades that give the car a new traditional look.
We will start with the engine. The new Pontiac has a 6.2 liter V8 engine that produces 426 horsepower, with 12 pounds of boost and a 6 speed transmission, and also customized hydraulic camshafts. We know that the fans will love the new great SLP tune headers. The front portion will come together with a trademark symbol of muscle Pontiac cars and a new split grille, below the grille there will be placed the new HID lights. Also, there are few changes in the back of the car, for instance a new designed back trunk, rear wing, improved tailgates, and 2 new exhaust pipes.
About the interior, it is delightful and comfortable with improved and attractive stitching on the seats. There will be additions like customized gauges, GPS navigation system, new touch-screen display, and multi-functioning steering system.
About the price, it’s not more than $50.000 with all the features and specification, while the release date of the car is not yet announced, but it is expected very soon.

2015-Pontiac-GTO-front-side (1)

2015-Pontiac-GTO-front-side (2)

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