Turbo Charged Subaru STI DUCK CALL Blow off Valve.

Turbo Charged Subaru STI DUCK CALL Blow off Valve!

When modifying a car, people tend to express their view of the car, and in a way, they are showing you their personality thru the personalization of their vehicle. That’s why some like their cars to be loud unapologetic, flashy, and some want them to be inconspicuous yet heavily modified and very fast, with most of the modification don under the skin of the car.
One of the first things that people modify on a turbocharged vehicle is replacing the factory blow off valve with an aftermarket one which dumps the excess air creating the loud woooshhh that probably all of us have heard already.
But this guy apparently wanted to be even more recognizable than all the other Subaru WRX STIs so he stuck a duck call to the blow off valve, and believe us this has turned this STI in one of the funniest we have ever heard.
Play the video and believe us this will put a smile on your face.

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