INSANE DRAG FIGHT Supra Powered Mustang Vs. Challenger Hellcat!


INSANE DRAG FIGHT: Supra Powered Mustang Vs. Challenger Hellcat!

At first glance this is just a regular “All American” Battle. A Challenger Hellcat is on the start line right next to a Mustang. But wait, there’s more folks, this battle comes with a twist and it is hidden under the hood of the Mustang. This American muscle classic has a samurai hart beating in his chest. The Mustang is actually powered by a 2JZ and is called “Suprastang”. Check out the video and hear those waste gates chirp and enjoy a constant 10 passes by this special car. Straight out Blasphemy, or pure genius? We will let you decide what this is, we are not going near this argument.

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