ELECTRO MAGNETIC CANNON – General Atomics Railgun shoot more than 100 miles!


INSANE ELECTROMAGNETIC CANNON – General Atomics Railgun Shoot More Than 100 Miles!!!

Conventional cannons have been around for centuries and although in that time they have been upgraded to astonishing range, rate of fire and precision it is still the basic concept of the weapon that relies on explosives sending a round downrange.
It appears that the scientist at General Atomics have found a way to improve this concept and even reinvent it. Instead of using explosives as propellant now they have found a way for electromagnetism to do the job of the explosive and send the projectile downrange at speeds and distances that were never possible bellow opening brand new fields of use for this type of weapon.
In the video that follows you will see how this weapon can now be used as a defensive one, due to the high rate of fire and precision and can now actually defend against missiles that are attacking a battle ship, or in military terms, surface to air.

Watch the video and see the astonishing capabilities of this future weapon, let’s just hope it does not run out of “batteries” before it sees combat for the first time.

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