GIANT SCALE: CH-53D 47 lbs TURBINE (93,000 RPM) Marines 875-Size !

The year was 1966 and the Sikorsky Aircraft company introduced an amazing heavy lift capability helicopter mainly made for the United States Marines named CH-53 Sea Stallion, and the Air Force got their own version called HH-53 AKA Jolly Green Giant.

Little did they know that 50 years later, somebody will be flying a remote-control version of this aircraft weighing astonishing (almost) 50 pounds.
Probably the more astonishing fact than the weight of this rather huge toy, is the fact that the aircraft is powered by a real turbine engine which spins op to an amazing speed of 93,000 rpm.

This enormous toy uses propane in order to start the turbine engine before switching to kerosene in order to fly.
Check out the video of this real overkill of a RC toy which thanks to its amazing engine sounds just like the real thing.

SKIP to 1:38 to get to the field, SKIP to 3:40 for take-off, SKIP to 6:10 for flying.
INFO: Headspeed is 900 RPM, Turbine is 93,000 RPM, 6-Bladed Head and 4-Bladed Tail, Mains are 875mm and Tails are 180mm. It starts with Propane and flies on Kerosene. The body is that of a Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion (CH-53D). Flight time is about 10 minutes. Video of setup and flight but Jc and Jim.

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