The new Transformers trailer!

The new Transformers trailer is here — and yes, Mark Wahlberg is back.

They say never change a winning horse and it appears that Michael Bay has no intention of doing this, since they are already working on the newest edition of the Transformers movie. It appears that there is still a lot of benjamins to be made featuring these Autobots and Decepticons and their struggle to destroy or save the earth along with us.
Either way this franchise has had the eye of the auto enthusiasts for many years since it always featured some nice vehicles and even has been used by automakers to promote their newer or low selling models. Apart from the tight connection with the automakers we have to admit that the action-packed scenes made by Mr. Bay have always peaked our interest so there is almost no doubt that this one will be a smash hit as well.
Yes, there are always some that will tell that there has been already enough of them made but who are we to judge it appears that so far none of them have flopped at the box office so the audience it appears can’t get enough of Optimus Prime and his buddies so we say; -“Autobots, Roll Out”, and the rest of you, klick and watch the newest trailer.

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