1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible Fetches $2.7 Million


1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible Fetches $2.7 Million!

Amongst the many classics that lately have been in extremely high demand, we stumble upon a Chrysler E-Body convertible which has a Hemi under the hood, and was only produced in the small timeframe of 1970-1971. The latest edition to this multi-million dollar range is a stunning impeccable 1970 Lemon Twist Hemi Cuda. A huge number of “the right stuff” factors come in to play to form this insane price tag. You can start with the odometer that only reads less than 27,500 miles, Shaker Hood, Super Track Pack, a 4 speed factory gearbox whose numbers match the 426 Hemi that it is connected to, bucket seats, pistol grip shifter,… and many many more features. To find out what it all takes for a Cuda to reach almost 3 million, watch the video and enjoy, yes daydreaming is allowed.

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