Where the World’s Unsold Cars Go To Die

Do you know where the unsold cars go to die? There are millions of cars sitting there!
cars 1

Here you can see just a few of the unsold cars at Sheerness in United Kingdom. You can see this on the Google Maps – just type Sheerness, United Kingdom and look to the west coast, left of A249 Brielle Way.
There are so many places like this one in the world now and they keep on pilling up.
The unsold car stockpile
Millions of new unsold cars and just sitting on car parks and runways around the world. They stay there slowly deteriorating without being maintained. Here you can see pictures of a huge car park in Swindon, United Kingdom, where you can see thousands upon thousands of unsold cars that are just sitting in one place without a customer in sight. The car manufacturers are buying more lands just to park their vehicles as they roll off the production line.
cars 2
The world recession is still here and won’t let go. Everywhere in the world there are big stockpiles of unsold vehicles and the number increases every day. They don’t have any space to park all of those new unsold cars and they need to buy bigger lands to store the.
The pictures on this webpage are just showing few of all those unsold cars everywhere around the world. There are thousands of car parks like this one rammed full of unsold vehicles in every country in the world. These pictures are real, they are not made on Photoshop!
It is really difficult to believe that there are so many cars in the world that are unsold. And the worst part here is that the number of unsold cars is increasing every day.
It is becoming a mechanical epidemic of big proportions. If anyone from the outer space can read this article that we have too many cars on the Earth, and why not come and buy thousands of cars for their own planet.
cars 3
Here you can see just a few of the 57,000 cars that await for delivery in the Port of Baltimore, Maryland in the United States. You can see on Google Maps the Broening Hwy in Dundalk for the huge expanse of space where all these unsold cars are parked.
The car companies would never sell all these cars at big reductions in their prices in order to get rid of them, not they want the every dollar still. If they were to price the cars for a few thousand they would sell them, but nobody would then buy any so expensive cars and they would end up unsold.
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