Where the World’s Unsold Cars Go To Die


Every week, tens of thousands of cars are being made, but hardly any of those cars are being sold. Almost every household in developed countries already has a car or maybe two or three cars parked on the street.
Here you can see a picture of so many unsold cars that are parked on a runway near St. Petersburg, Russia. All these cars are imported from Europe, they are parked up and left to rot. Now the airport is unusable for its purpose.
The good cycle of buying, using, then buying, using has been broken now, and it is just a case of using but no buying. Here is a picture of so many unsold cars parked on an old runway at Upper Heyford, Bicester, Oxfordshire. They are really running out of space for the new cars.
The cars continue on being produced and continue on adding to the millions of unsold vehicles everywhere in the world.
Here you can see a picture of unsold cars at Royal Portbury Docks, Avonmouth, near Bristol in the UK. You can search the place on Google Maps and you can scan around the area and you will see nothing but parked unsold vehicles. Every available space is used.
Here is a picture in the same area in Avonmouth, but zoomed out. Every gray space is filled up with cars. Do you want to guess how many cars are there?
There are more cars on the planet than there are people with a supposed 10 billion roadworthy cars today in the world.
We can’t make enough of them. Here you can see just a few cars of the thousands of Citroens parked at Corby, Northamptonshire in England. They are added every day, and they are imported from France, but with nowhere else to go when they arrive.
So, in places like these sit brand new cars, all with just a few miles on the clock that was consummate while being driven to the car parks. Here is a picture from May 2014 Google Maps picture of unsold parked cars in Corby, Northamptonshire.
Producing more cars than can be sold is really against all logic, economics and logistics, but it keeps on day after day, month after month and year in year out.
Here you can see a picture from Google Maps captured on April 2014 of the Italian port of Civitavechhia. Those small specks are a few thousand new unsold Peugeots. They are just collecting dust and little salty sea spray.
Here we see all shiny and nice but nowhere to go. White, and red and silver and black, pink, purple and blue, all the colors of the rainbow because they are all brand new. All the colors of the rainbow are on those cars, making them montages of color, pretty mosaics and still life. Probably that is all they will now ever be. Amazing metal boxes, saving grace and wasting space, all sitting there, because its business at the mill.
Everywhere in the world these cars just continue piling up, and there is not end in sight. The economy screams quite loud that nobody now has the money to spend on a new car. The reason of this is that they are making their old vehicles go on a lot longer. But they can’t stop building them, soon they will run out of space for parking and we are almost running out of space to drive them.
Here you can see more cars at the port of Valencia in Spain. They just sit there and rot in their colorful droves.
The days when every family would have a new vehicle every year are gone, now they are keeping what they have got. We must say that there are some families which still get a brand new car every year, but it’s the majority that don’t.
The results you can see in these pictures, millions of cars everywhere in the world are just driven from the factories, parked up and left there.
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