Awesome Father Creates The Ultimate Leaf Blower!

Ultimate Leaf Blower!

Awesome father creates the ultimate leaf blower!

There are many ways to get your kid to clean up the leaves from the yard. There is reward, there is punishment if he decides not to do it but then there is also the way of strapping a leaf-blower to his power-wheels and letting him drive around in the yard. This way you get to kill two birds with one stone, since you are letting the kid ride around in his toy but at the same time he is getting some pretty boring work taken care of, and the result ultimately is a kid that just had fun and a dad who can go back to watching the game since the leaf problem has basically been taken care of by the younger generation. There will be some of you that will be concerned by the exhaust fumes from the leaf-blower and the noise pollution but the kid is wearing ear protection and the exhaust is probably being blown far away from him so he should be good and safe.
Check out the video and tell us do you think his machine can handle a snow plow for the winter?

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