Autonomous Farm Tractor Concept !

Is This The Future Of Farming? Check Out This Amazing Autonomous Tractor Concept!
Farmers are known to be one of the hardest working people, getting up earlier than most every morning and hitting the fields as soon as the sun comes up, but could that all change soon? Could it be that the future farmer will be sleeping in, while his autonomous tractor “wakes up” and starts the programed plowing activities by itself?
Well according to CNH Industrial that might be the case, hell they say their vehicle can even operate 24/7, so the farmer might be sitting at home drinking beer, and remotely controlling and monitoring the tractors and other machinery which will be out there busting their hump for him.

Play the video and check out their version of the farms of the future where even the combine has a mind of its own and all the farmer needs to do is supervise these food producing machines.

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