Dramatic Video Shows Woman, Dog Being Rescued From Sinking Car!


Dramatic video shows woman, dog being rescued from sinking car!

The video filmed in Baton Rouge LA. is one of the more dramatic kind. The camera starts rolling while three men in a boat try to get to a woman in a convertible, that van be heard asking for help.
They try to get to her by smashing the window but it is easier said than done, and just as the car starts disappearing one of the men jumps in tears thru the convertible’s top and gets the woman out in the last seconds, as the car goes fully under water.
Just as you exhale and thing thank god, she starts telling them that she had a dog in the car with her, and they try to get her to leave it and get to the boat. The hero that saves her is not done yet, he pulls another miracle and all of a sudden he has the dog in his hands as well.
Good job, that guy is a real hero that saved two lives that day, hats off to you sir.

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