How To Clean Headlights with Toothpaste!

Cleaning Headlight Lenses Has Never Been Easier With This Toothpaste Life Hack!

Amongst the thousands of YouTube channels, we try to find videos that can actually help you in many DIY situations, or so called lifehacks. Sometimes many of them are kinda useless and they don’t work as advertised bringing some short-lived help or even turning out to be a real fake lifehack good for nothing but wasting your time.
Today’s video is one that claims that it will restore the sparkle and shine of headlights in the factory state, nearly free of charge.
If you had an older car that is often parked in the sun, after a while the headlights start getting a bit foggy from oxidation and the sun burning them up.
The video shows us that all you need is a cloth of some kind and amazingly toothpaste? Play the video and see how this guy gets his headlights shining like new in a matter of minutes with a few scrubs of cloth and toothpaste.

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