The luxurious J’ade Superyacht by CRN


CRN’s J’ade is just like the turducken of the boating world. That is because it is like got that ‘duck inside of a chicken inside of a turkey thing’ going on with a floating garage placed inside the 197’ long superyacht.


This massive vessel is made from steel and aluminum and accommodates 13 crew members and 10 guests, but we imagine that many of them will want the pleasure to arrive via the incredible flooded garage where you can store and access the 26’ Riva Iseo speedboat without to use the tender lift. In just three minutes the hydraulic operated bay can dry out and also it can be transformed into a beautiful beach club balcony accessible ocean pool. This yacht has MTU 12V, 1500kW engines that gives this yacht a top speed of amazing 16 knots and a cruising speed of 14 knots. For sure there is luxury everywhere the ship, with a mixture of wood, marble, leather and metals in play.

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