Toyota Prius’ Lady Driver Goes Nuts on Diesel Truck Owner!


The lady from the Toyota Prius gets angry at the family with a Diesel Pickup Truck!
At this quiet parking place, one driver who was not even right parked, started to yell at one family consisting of woman, man and two small children. That family was traveling in a diesel pickup truck, and they held the engine running during few minutes when they arrived at the parking lot. That has set on fire the unprecedented rage of the woman in the Toyota. She went crazy because they have spoiled her rest with the contamination of the area with the exhaust gases and with all that noise.
This lady thinks that she has the right to fight for silence and peace and attacks the family. Whatever has happened to her, has reached her human limits. The family was surprised by her reaction and tries to calm the situation a little, but without a success. What do you think about this situation? How would you respond if someone acts like this?
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