Here’s Proof: All-Wheel Drive Is Useless In The Snow Without Proper Tires


Now the automakers are making almost all of their cars with an all-wheel drive as an option, in case if it is not standard. The thought is that it gives additional security in those places where the weather is changeable. But all-wheel drive is not what matters, it is the tires that matter and here you have a proof of that.
For the test they took a Subaru Forester – an all-wheel drive crossover SUV thing, and a BMW M3 – a rear wheel drive performance car, starting from a standstill on snowy and icy roads.
The difference here is that the BMW M3 is on snow tires, while the Subaru Forester is not. The BMW M3 makes mincemeat of the Subaru Forester. The idea that all that you need is an all-wheel drive to go anywhere in the snow is a nonsense. So, get a winter tires on if you don’t want your big all-wheel drive SUV to get passed by a Corvette with snow tires. Sincerely.

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