Ram Launches Super-Shiny New Laramie Limited


The Super-Shiny All-New Laramie Limited Pickup Truck by Ram.
What is the best method to make a new and shiny truck even shinier? Well, the answer is Chrome. Ram concluded that its flashiest Laramie Limited trim level wasn’t too flashy, so Ram covered the truck with enough chrome in order to make the most reflective vehicle.
The grille of the truck is notable because it lacks the brand’s trademark crosshair. Instead of resembling the look of the Rebel, the limited has an all-chrome “twin nostril” visage. Like the Rebel, the Limited has big 20” wide by 5” high chrome RAM lettering on the tailgate.
More adorable are the unique 20 inch forged-aluminum wheels on the Limited. The chrome bumpers that you can see it in the photos are optional. If you spend about $50,000 and $70,000 for a chrome pickup truck, you will have to spend more Benjamins for more of the shiny stuff.
The interior of the truck present respite from the brightwork, being lined with black leather and blackish Argento wood trim. Those silvery highlights are classy and subtle, including pinstripes within the Argento timber and piping on the upholstery. The gauge cluster has been improved and a wooden sliding door now wraps the revised “media compartment” center console, where you can stow things like an iPad.
The updated Laramie Limited goodies will be ready on the 1500 beginning in the second quarter as 2015s models, while the heavy-duty Limiteds will be available in the third quarter as 2016s models. Diesel Powerplants and Hemi will be accessible cross the board.

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