US Army Will Start Selling Surplus Humvees to the Public


US Army starts with selling Surplus Humvees to the public
That is because the US Army needs a few extra bucks. So, now you can buy yourself a surplus Army-issue Humvee and that at prices starting around $10,000. This is the real deal. According to the Army Times and Yahoo News, the US Department of Defense instead of sending them to the scrap yards, they are auctioning off as many as 4,000 military-spec Humvees. The first group of 25 Humvees is already on the auction.


You must know that these retired vehicles are not in the perfect condition, and most of them were built between 1987 and 1994. They all have anywhere from 1,361 to 38,334 miles of military service, carrying everything that it could possible fits. Before any of these vehicles is auctioned, they will be examined for any important defects and stripped of those military characteristics.
So, no body armor or 50 caliber machine guns. The new owners of this Humvees will be responsible for organizing transportation within 3 days of the sale, and there won’t be offered titles. Also, the buyers must sign documents that explain how they plan to use their new vehicles. If you are interested, go to and place a bid.








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