Watch What Happens When You Play Too Much GTA


This happens when you play too much GTA!
This guy in the following video thinks that he is playing GTA in real life. We don’t know what is wrong with this man and what he thinks, but you will apparently feel endangered if you find yourself near this guy. Maybe he is drugged or drunk, but even that is not an excuse for this behavior. This guy is boxing around in the mid air, falling down, and we think that the drivers of the cars must be so scared of him or maybe someone called the police.
However, the police arrived and arrested him. He fell on the ground and probably fall asleep. He even started to argue with the police officers, but they did a good job and saved the drivers and the pedestrians from this crazy guy. Some people noticed that he moves like the GTA character and his punch is the same like in the game. We advise you not to play games too long. Better go out for a walk, don’t get drunk and assault other people around you, or you will be arrested like this guy here. We think that after spending one night in the jail, he will become a better person.
Watch the video here and share it with your friends. What do you think about this guy? Do you think that he deserves something more? Share your opinion with us.

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