2017 Chevrolet Chevelle Redesign, Changes and Concept!


2017 Chevrolet Chevelle Redesign, Changes and Concept!

Lately all the car manufacturers are digging up the old models and redesigning them just to make more money on the glory of the old classic. They tell us it is out of the goodness of their hearts and how this car meant a great deal to them but we are old enough not to fall for their romantic car stories. The next one in line to get the “Rise Like A Phoenix” treatment at Chevy is the Chevelle that is rumored to appear in an updated modern version on the market during 2016 or 2017.
At the moment they are being very scarce with any information about this vehicle and are making people starve for any information just to bring up the hype when they decide to announce it. In the meantime the real Chevelle lovers are literally losing their minds in order to get some specs of the 2017 model and they are being fed just enough crumbs so the roomers won’t die off.
So far we have gathered enough information to try and paint a picture for you Chevelle lovers out there as to know what to expect once the car shows up in public.

2017 Chevrolet Chevelle Price

Now once again this is not coming from any official dealership or any other booklet or showroom info but the new 2017 Chevrolet Chevelle is supposedly priced in the $31,000 to $40,000 price range according to the models of the manufacturers that are in its class. Make sure you follow us so this way we can update you on this info as soon as we find out more official information on the Chevelle2017
Chevy Chevelle Concept

The new 2017 model is expected to be designed up to par with the beauty of the old one in the time it came out, the combination of reminiscence of the old classic model but with the lines of the new modern age that requires the cars to be designed inside a air tunnel will have to be a perfect combination in order for the car to be a success. Surely the car will grow in size in every dimension but at the same time, using the new edgy designs it will try to appear smaller than it really is in order not to invoke a “I’m too fat to go fast” look.
2017 Chevy Chevelle Changes

American made cars in the last few years have made giant leaps in the interior department starting with the design of it and certainly not ending there. The quantum leaps have continued in the technology used in the cars as well as its sophistication ergonomics connectivity and functionality. Incorporating technology like an 8 inch touch screen that works together with Chevy’s My Link and the navigation as well as the secondary vehicle functions makes sure that the new pony car will not stay behind it’s competition and will surely present itself to the best of Chevy’s abilities. There is little doubt that this vehicle will be trimmed with the best materials available at the moment, while having all the amenities at your disposal, like heated seats and mirrors, keyless entry, automated wipers and headlights, cruise control, Bluetooth connectivity, basically all the bells and whistles of the new available technology.
On the outside in the meantime, adaptive xenon headlights will be coupled with daytime LED running lights and LED rear light-group making this car look as modern and functional as well as safer than ever. The body will feature new materials like carbon fiber in order for the vehicle to make sure it has been on a diet and has gotten rid of the unwanted weight before it enters the ring of the modern muscle cars as fit as it can.
2017 Chevrolet Chevelle Engine

Under the hood of the new Chevelle there is no doubt that we will have a “déjà vu” with the likes of the new Camaro. It is almost with certainty we can claim that the 6,2 V8 LT1 will find its place under the hood of this vehicle as well as the corresponding 8 speed gearbox to go with it. This engine will kick out 465 horsepower and will have the twisting ability of 460 pound-feet. We can expect that this beast will be using the stopping power of the famous Italian brake manufacturer Brembo. The second along the power line should be the 3,6 V6 capable of producing 335 horses and is intended to suit the costumers that are trying to get better millage out of this vehicle, while at the same time having enough power for the car not to feel neutered.

Ever since the Italian FIAT took over the controlling option for Chrysler, there is a big chance for a European turbocharged 2,0 inline four that will be able to kick out about 300 horsepower using the brand new MutiAir technology from FIAT that provides the engine with superior valve control better than any other system currently in use by any other manufacturer.
This one will be breaking many hearts of true muscle lovers while at the same time breaking all the records for fuel consumption by a muscle car. Whatever they decide on will hopefully make the car better rather than worse.
For the time being this is the best info we can provide you with about this next generation 2017 Chevrolet Chevelle, as soon as we get more info about this new upcoming model we are sure to do a follow-up so keep following us and get the latest on this.

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