The year 2017 is the year that we will finally get to revive one of the best muscle cars that were ever made and bring back the Dodge Barracuda. So far we mostly have rumors and they point out to a few good things, like that the next Barracuda is planned to be similar to the old muscle car that it once was, while at the same time use some new technology that so far has been reserved for the supercars only like the ultra light Carbon Fiber along side with aluminum and other modern materials in order to achieve a diet that will tip the scales with about 250 pounds less than the competition.
It is normal for the new vehicle to have an updated look that will be able to show the aggression of the pony car and at the same time look as modern as it should as well as incorporate the newest aerodynamic technology in order to perform better then the rivals.
The inside will be also filled with the newest in car entertainment and safety equipment.



We come to the pretty much most important part of the whole article for most of the readers, and that is what is going to inhabit the place underneath the hood of the new ‘Cuda. The top line is the best place the three engine options and this pack will be led by the 6.2-liter Hemi V8 which will be sucking down compressed air from a supercharger in order to fulfill its duty in spitting out more than 700 horses and about 650 pounds-feet of torque. The acceleration figures for this top model Barracuda will be a 0 to 62 sprint in around 3.3 seconds, a number that will have many brand new supercars starring at wishfully.
As the main reason for the great sprinting numbers that are being announced is a brand new 8 speed transmission that will have a very sophisticated software telling the gearbox how to operate as the near perfect automatic. Using this gearbox the muscle car will get really close to the magic 200 miles per hour number but will probably shy away from it just by a few miles.
In the middle of the offer there is going to be a 3.6 liter V6 Pentastar engine that is supposed to bring down the fuel economy of the model while maintaining the decent performance of the car. At the bottom of the lineup there will be the very efficient 2.4 liter inline four called the “Tiger-Shark” that will be operating with the most modern of intake systems the MultiAir2 technology that has been developed using the technology of the Chrysler brand owner Fiat producing respectable 184 horsepower.



We have already told you that the redesign of the vehicle will be pointed towards a new modern looking aggressive vehicle incorporating features like LED headlights large bumper and a thin grille for the air intake. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words so this is why will not waste too many of them explaining the design.



One of the main features of the interior of the new muscle car will be a 8.4 inch touch screen LCD that will be incorporating the infotainment as well as the navigation system for this modern vehicle, that is a very nice thing to hear. Apart from the top end quality materials that are going to be used in making of the interior of the vehicle, we are being told that the safety features will be at the top of the line in car technology.


Unofficially, the new ‘Cuda will be yours for the taking at around $60 000 base price, but how much you will have to cough up for the top version is still a mystery. At the moment no official date has been announced for when this vehicle is going to see the light of day but the speculations are pointing towards the end of 2017.
All we can say is, we can’t wait so bring it on as soon as you can guys.
In the meantime watch the old classic and see why we are so excited to meet the new one.

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