Following a Drunk Driver GONE WRONG !


Two coworkers are on the road, and they notice that the vehicle in front of them is swerving all over the road. At first they are doing the smart thing and keeping a safe distance while trying to guess whether the driver is intoxicated, or just tired. As soon as they see that the driver of the vehicle in front is trying to make a left turn, they are a bit relieved that the driver will get off the road, and they even wish him to get safely to where they’re going.
As soon as they say that, the vehicle swerves into an oncoming Jeep Wrangler, and the crash sends the Jeep straight into the camera men’s vehicle. The rest is not so clear but it appears that everybody is fine just a bit shaken. The female driver was taken to the hospital as a precaution and no one else involved was seriously hurt. Authorities said that they aren’t sure why the woman was swerving and are continuing to investigate the accident.

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