Bernie Sanders Promises To “Take Trucks Off The Road” If Elected!


Bernie Sanders promises to “take trucks off the road” if elected!

Politicians are famous for making all sorts of promises during their campaign. Since we have heard too many of them this one does not came as a huge surprise for us either. We know that most of them are just what they are, campaigning promises that were never meant to be fulfilled.
But recently one of the candidates during one of his campaign events Bernie Sanders gave us some insides on what he plans to do about the transportation industry. According to his promises this presidential candidate has plans to “create a state of the art rail system, which will take the trucks of the road.”
Creating state of the art systems is always a good thing but threatening the livelihood of thousands upon thousands of your citizens is never a good campaign move in our book.
Allthough during the campaign event this statement was met by a big applause and support we are not sure that most of them realized what this meant. Some truckers have already said that this guy has to be stopped before he gets into office, but we think the situation is not that scary since like we said earlier we believe this is nothing more than a politician being a politician with some unrealistic promises.
What do you think? Should truckers be scared for their job or will all this blow over in a few days?

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